Know the main partners of the Network Protects.


Company of French origin, manufacturer of POS (cardboard machines). Its popularity has grown in Brazil, thanks to its huge fleet of installed machines. Development of solutions for the Brazilian market.

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Company of Chinese origin, manufacturer of POS (card machines) such as Moderninha - D200 and D210. Very popular in segments from small to medium merchants throughout Brazil.

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Public joint venture company, operator of the transit system of the city of São Paulo. Responsible for electronic ticketing and its management. Its main product is the UNIQUE TICKET of SP, better known as BU.

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Private company with Brazilian capital, which operates the bus ticket system of the metropolitan region of São Paulo. Collect billing from more than 39 cities in the greater São Paulo. Its main product is BOM - Metropolitan Bus Ticket.

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Public company responsible for the management of public parking spaces in the city of São Paulo. Its main product is the CAD - Blue Digital Card.

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