Get to know the main challenges of the Protege Network.

Protege Network has numerous challenges, including the creation of technology platforms. For capture, processing, banking consolidation, and electronic payments in Brazilian retail.

Focusing on the public transport segment and its modalities, we also carry out recharges of electronic credits of various items, such as prepaid cellular, and virtual products.

PROTEGIDA is our main platform for the retail segment in public transport.

We are the creators of the virtual recharge in Brazil, being our first customer the group ALGAR-CTBC, the virtualisation of the points of sale, and the distribution in the concession area of ​​the company.

The first company to put into production an application using CIPURSE technology, an open standard for public transport. And also the first to implement a health care beneficiary system, with more than 600 service points in Minas Gerais, using POS MIFARE and CIPURSE Cards.

We are the first to create an Android App for contactless card reader, containing patient medical data.

In 2017 we were homologated in CET with the PROTECTED App for Blue Zone, using terminals IWL281.

And in November also in 2017, we were homologated at AUTOPASS for integration with the BOM tickets of the metropolitan region.

Today's platform already processes 8 Million monthly transactions for virtual distributors of electronic credits.

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